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AirDeck is a collective fall arrest system utilising an inflatable air cushion, designed to protect people working at height. AirDeck reduces the distance of the fall and softens the impact of landing. It is an innovative and more practical alternative to 'bean bags' or polystyrene filled bags and airmats that utilise continuous air systems. 

AirDeck can be inflated and deflated in seconds, making it extremely portable and easy to transport. Inflation takes no more than 30-40 seconds per bag.

Once inflated AirDeck forms a cushioned surface 750mm from ground level and can offer protection from a fall from 2.5 to 3.5 meters (depending on product variant). AirDeck is available in 4 different variants - original, safety lock, safety cover and safety layer.

AirDeck is popular due to it's portability, flexibility and ease of use. It is used on its own or alongside other systems to improve compliance and safety in difficult environments.

Working at height can be much safer with AirDeck.

Many uses of AirDeck

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Falls from any height can be dangerous - use AirDeck to protect people and products during transport


Maintenance work at height? Don't take any chances - AirDeck is used in Aircraft maintenance, museums and more


AirDeck was designed for and is widely used in housing and commercial construction environments

AirDeck - air cushion

Conceived originally for the UK construction industry, AirDeck is now used worldwide in many diverse applications, from helicopter maintenance to shipping and from silo inspection, to use in detention centers, to provide comprehensive fall arrest protection whenever there is a need for an immediate, short-term, fall arrest solution.

Falls from any height can be dangerous and cause serious injury - AirDeck is trusted by many to meet the health and safety requirements when working at height.

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