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Why choose AirDeck? See the benefits and features of using the AirDeck fall arrest bag.

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AirDeck Demonstration

AirDeck fall arrest system is tested to meet the performance requirements of PAS59:2014 - We also use an anatomically correct 75kg+ crash test dummy to test AirDeck in different situations. 

See a demo of AirDeck in action with a drop height of 2.75m!

Lightweight and portable

Need to move AirDeck to another location? just do it! We designed AirDeck with portability in mind - A filled bag only weighs less than 5kg.

Portability allows our customers to move AirDeck quickly to wherever it's needed, without the need to deflate and inflate. Giving more flexibility of use and saving time.

Inflates in seconds

It really doesn't take long to fill and set up AirDeck, giving you more time to do the things you want - safely. The modular system means you can inflate the amount you need. 

The quick set up allows our customers to make the most of breaks in weather, spend more time doing maintenance and less time setting up safety systems.

Watch more on Youtube

Watch more videos on how to set up and use AirDeck on our youtube channel: AirDeck Safety

Including video case studies, product features and instructions and guides. 

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