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AirDeck fall arrest bag attachments and accessories

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Inflation Nozzle

Pressure regulating nozzle attachment for easy and accurate inflation of the AirDeck units.

The attachment fits snugly onto the Makita inflator and are compatible with all AirDeck variants.

Nozzle automatically inflates AirDeck to the correct operating pressure, which is essential for the Airbag to provide best level protection.

This is an essential attachment to ensure correct inflation levels.

Makita DUB185RT 18V.jpg

Makita inflator

Makita products and tools are high quality and also quite popular on construction sites and in manufacturing.


We selected the inflator tool for AirDeck as batteries / chargers can be shared by customers which gives added convenience. The nozzle is only compatible with Makita inflators.


Variants include:

Battery: Makita DUB185RT 18v
Mains: Makita UB1103/1 110v

This is an essential accessory to inflate AirDeck .

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