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  AirDeck in the USA  

The AirDeck Fall Arrest Bag is a collective fall arrest system now available for delivery in the United States (US).

The system is an alternative to tethered, lanyard systems used in various applications wherever low level work at height is involved such as construction, logistics and manufacturing.

Demand from the United States has grown over the past few years with more AirDeck being exported to the US for use as a fall protection and fall arrest solution.

Due to the increased demand, we are in talks with distributors to deliver AirDeck quickly and conveniently to US customers reducing delivery times.


As an inflatable, free-standing system AirDeck is easy to move, store, transport and set up.

Easy to install

Simple 3 step process to set up AirDeck, un-roll, inflate and clip together - No training required. 


Unlike traditional systems, it allows workers to work freely and more efficiently without being tethered

Flexible height safety

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LA County Prisons

Deputy Kevin Kazan of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department, came across the AirDeck and decided to use it as a quickly deployable protection system for inmates. Read more about it here.

Housing Development

200+ AirDeck units are being used on the Treasure Island redevelopment in San Fransisco, USA. The speed of deployment and increased efficiency and safety are valued by construction contractors and executives

Uses of Fall Arrest Bags

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Falls from any height can be dangerous - use fall arrest bags to protect people and products during loading / unloading


Maintenance work at height? Don't take any chances - fall arrest bags can be used during maintenance work


Fall arrest bags are widely used in housing and commercial construction industries for safety

AirDeck is a "Fall Arrest System" also know as a Soft Landing System or Fall Arrest Bag. Fall arrest airbags are designed to reduce the distance of the fall and decelerate the speed at which the user is falling. By reducing the height and speed of the fall, the chance of significant injury or fatality is drastically diminished.


Fall Arrest Bags, such as AirDeck, are ideal for industries where work at height is being carried out temporarily, at low levels, and at short notice.

The flexibility of the system allows it to be used where other systems are difficult to install. AirDeck is often used along side other systems as well to improve safety.

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To find out more about fall arrest bags and how AirDeck fall arrest can help keep you safe when working at height

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