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AirDeck in the USA

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The AirDeck Soft Landing System is a collective Fall Arrest system now available for delivery in the United States of America (USA).

The system provides a cost-efficient and effective alternative to tethered lanyard systems, that may be expensive and impractical. The AirDeck system is used for a variety of applications, where works are being carried out at low level heights such as construction, logistics, and manufacturing.

Demand from the United States has grown over the past few years with increasing numbers of AirDeck being exported to the USA to provide a fast, effective, and affordable method of fall protection and fall arrest.

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AirDeck Fall Arrest System


As an inflatable, free-standing system AirDeck is easy to move, store, transport and set up.

Easy to install

Simple 3 step process to set up AirDeck, un-roll, inflate and clip together - No training required. 


Unlike traditional systems, it allows workers to work freely and more efficiently without being tethered

AirDeck is a "Fall Arrest System" also known as Fall Arrest "Airbags", designed to reduce the distance of the fall and slow the speed of the user's fall. This method of Fall Arrest, significantly reduces the chance of significant injury or fatality in the event a fall from height.


Fall Arrest Solutions, such as AirDeck, are ideal for industries where work at height is being carried out at low levels, at short notice, and infrequently.

The flexibility of the system allows it to be used where other systems are difficult to install. AirDeck can often be used along side other systems to provide better protection.

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Industries that use AirDeck

To find out more about Fall Arrest Units and how AirDeck can help keep you safe when working at height

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