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AirDeck comes in a number of variations to best meet your safety requirements

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The original AirDeck product - designed for the construction industry, provides fall protection up to 2.75m above ground level (including the unit height of 0.75m) in an enclosed environment.

The most basic version of AirDeck is popular in housing construction - the house structure holds the bags in place. Bags are arranged to provide complete cover inside.


Safety Lock

AirDeck Safety Lock is a completely free-standing system that was designed for safer maintenance work. It's portable and flexible and can be used alongside other safety systems or on its own.

It improves safety in areas where other systems are difficult to install.

Safety Cover

Safety Cover is the complete safety system from AirDeck. It has the portability and flexibility of the free-standing Safety Lock system with an additional top cover flap which provides a softer, flatter landing surface and covers any gaps between individual bags.

Safety Cover is ideal for many industries such as aircraft maintenance and film stunt work.


Safety Layer

AirDeck Safety Layer is a variant that can be stacked vertically. It is very effective in covering depth. AirDeck Safety Layer combines two layers of AirDeck and is primarily used in maintenance and construction. AirDeck Safety Cover provides protection up to 3.5m above ground level.

On construction sites where there are spaces below ground level AirDeck Safety Layer can be used to fill the space and protect people against falling in.

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