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AirDeck Safety Lock: Product Overview

What is AirDeck Safety Lock? How does it differ from the other AirDeck variants and products? Here is your guide to the AirDeck Safety Lock system with Information on where to use the product and the benefits of AirDeck Safety Lock.

AirDeck Safety Lock is the free-standing variant of AirDeck, with a dual lock system at the top and bottom of each unit the system doesn't require support from external structure (unlike AirDeck Original) to keep it in place and keep it's shape.

The free-standing version was designed to make AirDeck a convenient safety solution for other industries such as maintenance, logistics, manufacturing and others.

The use of AirDeck within these often required moving the system to the area of work, using it in open spaces, covering a smaller focused area and using it in combination with other safety systems.

AirDeck inflatable fall protection

Where to use AirDeck Safety Lock:

AirDeck Safety Lock is a flexible system and can be used as a safety system in all applications where working at heights up to 2.75m above ground level. It's important to follow the user manual and use on a clear surface (without sharp objects that may damage the unit). Safety Lock is generally used as a portable system to cover smaller areas and it's important to make sure there is enough protection taking the coverage (overhang / under hang) covered in detail in the user guide. Safety Lock is used in maintenance, manufacturing and logistics industries.

Why customers like about the AirDeck Safety Lock:

The flexibility of a free-standing system and the ability to move it around to the area required is a big advantage and improves the speed of deployment and working.

Where not to use AirDeck Safety Lock:

AirDeck Safety Lock is not available for export / international customers. For export or international customers you can use the AirDeck Safety Cover which is an improved version of the Safety Lock system.


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