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The similarity between AirDeck and Toblerone

Thanks to the strict regulation, Toblerone, will now replace the phrase “of Switzerland” with “established in Switzerland” due to the change of where the iconic chocolate pyramid is produced.

However, with over 100 years of well-known branding, when it comes to Toblerone, the first thought that comes to mind is still the distinctive shape of the triangle peak that represents the Matterhorn. Though it is not a Swiss brand anymore.

So what do Toblerone and AirDeck have in common?

Well, AirDeck has always been a British brand, and being a member of the Made in British boosts our international exporting as we continue to expand our customer base. This year we are pleased to have appointed its first “Germanic region” distributor - Likely the first of many with Netherlands, Austria, and Germany also showing large potential. It is now easier than ever for customers to purchase AirDeck in Europe with quicker delivery times.

If you see AirDeck outside the UK, don’t forget where their original hometown is, the same as Toblerone.


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