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AirDeck Safety Lock is a completely free-standing system that was designed for improved flexibility in use. Provides fall protection up to 2.75m above ground level.

The free-standing version of AirDeck is used in numberous industries from construction to petrochem industires, warehouses and general maintenance work at height. Portable system can be moved around with ease to wherever required.

AirDeck Safety Lock Fall Arrest Soft Landing System

  • AirDeck measures 2100mm x 750mm x 750mm. Approximate weight is <5kg when inflated. 50 AirDecks can cover an area of 80m2.

    Minimum operating temperature is -5 Degrees. Please read operating manual and instructions on how to set up the system safely.

    AirDeck bags should be visually inspected before each use. Any bags that fail to remain inflated must be removed from use.

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