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Safer with AirDeck

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Fall Arrest Bag

With fall arrest bags you had two choices - it was either heavy and bulky polystyrene filled 'beans bags' or the immobile and expensive continuous air (bouncy castle) systems.

AirDeck was created to combine benefits of both systems. AirDeck is lightweight and portable making it easy to move, store and transport.

AirDeck is also quick to set up making it a more accessible safety solution to many other systems such as safety nets, harnesses and more


How AirDeck improves safety and compliance - Sayfa with AirDeck

  • Quick to Deploy - Safety is perceived as a hassle, something that causes delay and time that can be spent 'working'. As AirDeck is quick to set up, it challenges that thinking. Being a more accessible safety system makes it more likely to be used. Improving compliance and safety even for 'smaller' maintenance tasks.

  • Portable - AirDeck is  a lightweight, modular system - which makes it easier to move and set up than the alternatives such as heavier ‘bean filled bags’. Modular system means it can cover all areas and corners providing better safety. Simply add or remove bags, including part filled bags for smaller spaces.

  • Safer Installation - AirDeck is safer and simpler to install than other safety solutions. Other height safety systems such as safety nets require suitable anchor points that need to be installed which can carry its own risks. Additionally, safety nets need to have a minimum ground clearance below the netting for safe operation.

  • Fire Retardant - AirDeck is safer as it doesn't require a continuous air system with cables and other accessories that can increase risk. AirDeck comes in Fire Retardant (FR) and AntiStatic (FR+AS) variants to improve compliance and reduce risk on site.

  • Free Standing - All AirDeck variants (except the entry level original bags) are free-standing. This allows them to be used where other systems cannot. They do not require external support or anchor points like safety nets and harnesses. It also allows them to be used alongside other systems to improve safety.

  • Easy Storage -  AirDeck can be deflated in seconds and easily folded away to be stored till next use. 50 bags of AirDeck fit neatly onto 1 pallet and can cover 80m2 when inflated. This reduces cost of transportation and storage and allows bags to be stored near the point of use reducing set up time.

  • Better Value - AirDecks has reduced storage, transport and set up costs compared with other systems. The modular system means if one bag is damaged it can easily be replaced with another. Allowing the system to continue being used and reducing replacements costs.

  • Better for the planet - AirDeck is recyclable. The modular system means only one bag needs to be replaced if damaged. We use Makita accessories for inflation as they are commonly used in the maintenance and construction industry and batteries and accessories can be shared easily. Get in touch for recycling details.

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