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Hiring AirDeck

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Hire AirDeck

AirDeck is now available for Hire. AirDeck is an inflatable collective fall arrest system, offering fall protection up to 3.25 meters above ground level.

AirDeck is a flexible and portable system that offers great value whether you're hiring or buying. How do you decide between the two? Depends on the number of times you intend to use it - If you're using AirDeck as a one-off it would probably be better value to Hire.

Hiring is the ideal solution for a short-term project which requires fall arrest protection and where the equipment is unlikely to be used again and as a result does not justify a full purchase.

For those looking to use AirDeck more than once buying might be better value, get in touch to find the best option for you.

AirDeck is a flexible solution and can provide accessible safety in a number of industries such as construction, transport, maintenance and more. Just one pallet carries 50 bags which once inflated will provide fall protection over an area of 80m2.

All our AirDeck versions are available to hire.


Contact our team either by email: or call us on 01509 509 273.

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