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What is AirDeck?

AirDeck is an inflatable collective fall arrest system, offering fall protection from 2 - 4 meters above ground level. Designed originally for the construction industry, AirDeck is now used in industries such as logistics, aviation, maintenance, manufacturing and defence.

Working at height? Stay safe with AirDeck.


Additional safety cover to improve protection and cover gaps between bags.


Free-Standing variant of AirDeck which improves safety and versatility.


AirDeck Safety layer can be stacked on top of each other for greater heights.


Provides fall protection in enclosed areas. Requires external support.

PAS 59-14 compliant

AirDeck fall arrest bag has been tested to comply with the performance requirements of the PAS 59-14 safety standards for collective fall arrest soft landing systems.

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AirDeck reviews

What they love about AirDeck fall arrest bag

“The fact that we can quickly move AirDeck ourselves means that we can seize opportunities, such as breaks in the weather, and get the job done.”

— Site Manager, Expression homes

AirDeck is a fall arrest bag or soft landing system that is used to protect people working at height. AirDeck is an innovative collective fall protection solution that is quick to deploy, portable, and easy to store.


AirDeck is a market leading product, designed and created by Sayfa Group - Experts in height safety products and solutions. AirDeck can be used wherever there is a need to protect employees working at height - scaffolding, housing construction, vehicle and aircraft maintenance, manual loading and unloading of lorries, protecting large goods during transportation, and more. Give our team a call to discuss how AirDeck can help improve safety and compliance on your project or site.

Fall arrest systems are used in a number of industries. AirDeck is a portable and user friendly alternative to height safety systems like safety netting, continuous air systems, harnesses and bean bags.

AirDeck fall arrest bag can be hired or purchased to keep for repeat use. Safety at height is increasingly important and falls from height rank the highest every year for avoidable deaths & injuries at work.

If you're looking for a fall arrest solution, get in touch with us to see how AirDeck can meet your health and safety requirements - AirDeck is shipped globally through Sayfa Group or our sales and distribution partners.

AirDeck is a product of Sayfa Group

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