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AirDeck Case Study: AirDeck at the Museum

The Tank Museum based in Bovington Dorset, hosts a diverse collection of tanks and armoured vehicles. The museum houses 300 military machines, which represent the key battles of every major conflict since the First World War. Maintaining this grand array of warfare exhibits is a constant effort and comes with many challenges. One of which is managing Low-Level Height Safety.

The Challenge

The Tank Museum often hosts special experience days and demonstrations. At certain events, premium ticket holders are able to view and climb aboard the exhibits for a closer look. At these events and also in day to day maintenance, Safety is a major concern not only for the staff who maintain, prepare, and clean the tanks but also for the privileged ticket holders who are given access to the tanks themselves.

One major risk when climbing around these machines, is that a fall resulting from any accidental slip or trip can cause serious harm to visitors or staff. The Tank museum was eager to minimise the potential damage caused, to the staff or visitors, in the event of a slip or fall from the tank. So, the challenge comes from finding a fall arrest system which will not damage the exhibits, can be easily & quickly deployed and packed away, and is effective at low heights.

The Solution

AirDeck ticked all the boxes for the museum's needs. By surrounding the base of the vehicles with the AirDeck soft landing system, they reduce the risk of serious injury in the event of an accidental slip or trip. AirDeck has two fundamental functions that help protect against serious injury. Firstly, it reduces the fall distance between the working height and the landing area. Secondly, the air filled liner cushions the fall creating a softer landing.

In addition to its functional benefits AirDeck also offers a number of practical benefits:

  • Quick and easy to deploy taking seconds to inflate each unit.

  • Flexible and interlinking, AirDeck is able to be adjusted and inflated to fit most environments where conventional systems are difficult to deploy.

  • Lightweight, weighing 4.5kg when inflated, AirDeck makes it easy to manoeuver in to place.

  • Easily stored when no longer in and can typically fit 50 bags on one pallet.

These attributes, coupled with an average expected lifespan of five years, makes the AirDeck a very low cost and practical solution.

‘AirDeck does the job perfectly. It is quick to set up and easy to break down. Taking up so little storage space means that AirDeck is always readily on hand.’ Matt Hibbs, Museum Workshop Manager

The solution AirDeck provides has left Matt Hibbs, the Tank Museum Workshop Manager, a lot more relaxed now he has an effective fall arrest system to improve the safety of his staff and visitors.



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