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ASDA Lutterworth Case Study - Davicon Mezzanine Ltd

Davicon Mezzanine Floors is the recognised brand for quality mezzanine floors, support steelwork and integrated mezzanine solutions with over 30 years experience. Flexibility of working is vital to their success and the company chose AirDeck as it’s primary height safety solution as it was easy to install, quick to move and 100% effective.

Davicon design and install mezzanine floors into existing buildings and create extra space for rapidly growing companies and organisations. AirDeck provides the perfect solution as flexibility is vital to Davicon’s success and they needed a height safety solution that is easy to install, quick to move and 100% effective. Additionally, the steel columns which are core to the structure of the platforms limit the available options for alternative fall arrest systems which would need to work around these obstacles.

AirDeck provided the perfect solution answering all the questions that were asked of it. The quick to deploy design allowed the team to cover an 80m2 area in around 30 mins, with the use of only one inflator. Due to the flexibility of the system the units could be easily set up around the steel columns to ensure total coverage. Buckled additionally at the bottom, AirDeck provided a very secure fall arrest system for Davicon staff or contractors working up to a height of 2.5m above floor level.

Quick to install and easily moved with limited training on the system, AirDeck can be installed by on site labour, removing the need to organise and co-ordinate additional trades. Combined this with the lightweight nature of the AirDeck bags and the whole installation can be moved quickly and easily from one point of application to another. And once the installation is complete the 80m2 , once deflated, can be moved to the next job or stored on just one pallet. AirDeck demonstrates once more that speed and flexibility and total safety go hand in hand.


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