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Uses of AirDeck: Timber Frame Construction

The timber frame housing market is growing rapidly within the UK and abroad. Benefits such as speed of construction, sustainability, cost savings, and energy efficiency have made it an attractive option within the housing sector.

As with all construction industries, timber frame construction requires a safety system to be in place when working at height. Research conducted by the HSE featured a Site Manager who explained that ‘On timber roofs, safety nets couldn’t be used as the height wasn’t high enough (2.8m)'. The only collective system that could be used was air mats (such as AirDeck) as it was the "most practical" solution. It will come as no surprise that AirDeck is used by many timber frame builders as a collective fall arrest system. Principally, because it covers a wide area, reduces the distance of the fall, and minimises the consequences by softening the landing.

"Timber Frame Industry is a key AirDeck segment. Over the years we’ve supplied tens of thousands of bags to the industry. The portability and speed of deployment is a huge benefit for timber frame industry." Kris Wilcox AirDeck Product Manager

Benefits of AirDeck in Timber Frame Construction

AirDeck is a collective fall arrest system which utilises an inflatable air cushion, that is designed to protect people working at height. The portable & lightweight AirDeck is a modular system of individual air bags connected together to provide the perfect cover for an area. AirDeck is comprised of an inner PVC inflatable liner combined with a durable woven polypropelene outer cover. It is effective up to a height of 3.25m and, works by reducing the distance of the fall and softening the impact of the landing.

"The biggest benefit for us is that they are so easy to use and to store. They are an ideal solution." Site Manager Belbroughton Developments

To help you understand the benefits of AirDeck we have provided a list of benefits Airdeck offers compared to other collective fall arrest systems:

  • Air Filled - AirDeck doesn’t require a continuous air system and is light weight making it easy to move around site even when inflated.

  • High Mobility - AirDeck is lightweight which makes it easier to move and set up than the alternatives such as heavier ‘bean bags’, filled bags.

  • Safer Installation - AirDeck is safer and simpler to install than other safety solutions. Other height safety systems such as safety nets require suitable anchor points that need to be installed which can carry it's own risks. Additionally, safety nets need to have a minimum ground clearance below the netting for safe operation.

  • Speedy Deployment - AirDeck inflates and deflates in seconds and is designed to be simple to set up and remove. AirDeck is designed to be simple to install. With easy inflation nozzle and buckle straps that clip bags together, AirDeck can easily be self installed.

  • Easy Storage - AirDeck can be deflated in seconds and easily folded away to be stored till next use. 50 bags of AirDeck fit neatly onto 1 pallet and can cover 80m2 when inflated.

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