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Case Study: AirDeck in construction

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

The biggest issue for the specialist house builder is space on site. Belbroughton Developments developed a small site of 5 detached houses near Droitwich in Worcestershire. As they are all being built together space is very much at a premium not only for operating room but also for delivery and storage of site materials


The site is operated with a traditional build, using scaffolding erected on the outside of the building. Belbroughton Developments, were looking for a fall arrest safety solution which was effective, had a low cost of ownership, could be quickly installed and occupied minimal storage space.

AirDeck is a fall-arrest safety cushion which is cheap to own and quick to install. With 50 bags covering 80m2) can be delivered to site on just one pallet. Each unit can be inflated and installed in minutes making for a time effective solution. They can be used and re-used, deflated for storage and re-inflated for re-use at any time.

This solution was ideal for Belbroughton Developments as the bags are available from stock and can generally be delivered within two working days.

‘The biggest benefit for us is that they are so easy to use and to store – they are an ideal solution.’

- Andy Taylor, site manager for Belbroughton Developments.



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